Best 2016 movie that you can’t afford to miss. Amakye and Dede

Majid and Kalybos have been friends since childhood and do almost everything together. Their relationship is an affable one on one but then, a woman played by Ahoufe Patri threatens this friendship as both Majid and Kalybos fall in love with her. In order not to break their friendship, the two friends agree that, each would try his very best to win Ahoufe Patri’s heart and whoever succeeds in doing so, gets to keep her. The struggle then begins from there and they go beyond their limits to win Ahoufe. So who gets to win her? Majid or Kalybos? That’s something you should find out at Nilabam Movie World or Nilabam Youtube channel.



You wouldn’t want to miss a movie that blends both the Glamour actors/actresses and also Kumawood actors/actress. One actor, you can afford to miss in this movie is Dabo. Dude is really funny. The movie had being getting a lots of views since last year and up-till now, is still blowing. If you have not watch it, find out time to visit our website or simply click/tap here for the full movie


Check out for the Movie Music/Sound track  below by click or tap on the artist name

Blue Jack By Wk Instrumentals

Take Away  By Aka Blay ft Cabum

You do everything Ooo bossu By Kobi Rana {Not yet publish}

Fresh and Clean…….{Not yet publish}
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Amakye & Dede HD Trailer

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